Contract Details

Awarding Agency:
Foods and Drugs Authority
Tender Package No:
Tender Type:
Contract Type:
Open Tender
Lot #:
1,2 and3
Tender Description:
Supply of Food Products to the Food and Drugs Authority.

The Food and Drugs Authority invites sealed Tenders from eligible suppliers for the supply of Food products listed in the Schedule of Requirement, Section V of this Tender Document and also detailed below:

Item 1 :
Product Description - Fragrant Long Grain Rice
Weight / Volume of Unit - 5kg
Pack Size - 5kg x 5
Total Pack Quantity- 1650

Item 2
Product Description - Vegetable Cooking Oil
Weight / Volume of Unit - 5L
Pack Size - 5L x 3
Total Pack Quantity - 640

Item 3
Product Description - Non-Alcoholic Malt Drink
Weight / Volume of Unit - 330mL
Pack Size - 330mL x 12
Total Pack Quantity - 4000

Approval Auth:
Central Tender Review Committee
Contract Date:
19th November, 2021
Delivery / Completion Date:
19th February, 2022
Contract Currency:
Ghana Cedi
Contract Award Price:

Contract Awarded To:
M. M. Global Ventures Limited
Company Email:
Company Address:
P. O. Box CT 4252, Cantonment-Accra
Company Tel:
Supplier #: