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Ministry of Health
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Open Tender
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Printing Of Healthcare Service Registers And Reporting Forms

1. The Ministry of Health has received funds from the World Bank towards the cost of implementing the Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Improvement Project (MCHNP) in Ghana and intends to apply part of these funds to payments under contracts for the Printing of Healthcare Service Registers and Reporting Forms for the above project.

2. The Ministry of Health invites sealed Bids from eligible and qualified Suppliers for the Printing of Healthcare Service Registers (Lots 1- 3) and Healthcare Service Reporting Forms (Lots 4-7) as listed in the Schedule of Requirements shown in Table 1 below.

Lot 1. Healthcare Service Registers
1 Consulting Room Register - 5,000
2 Outpatient Register - 5,000
3 Admission & Discharge Register - 5,000
Tender Security GHS6,500.00

Lot 2 General Ward Register - 5,000
Laboratory Register - 5,000
Volunteer Register for Health Promotion Activities - 5,000
Tender Security - GHS7,000.00

Lot 3 Health Worker Register for Health Promotion Activities - 20,000
Tender Security - GHS7,000.00

Healthcare Service Reporting Forms

Lot 4 Medical Cause of Death Certificate - 6,000
Monthly Lab. Report Form - 6,000
Haematology Data Form - 4,000

Tender Security - GHS6,000.00

Lot 5 Microbiology Data Form 5,000
Biochemistry Data Form 5,000

Tender Security - GHS 5,500.00

Lot 6 Quarterly Health Promotion Reporting Form - 5,000
Midwifery Form A - 5,000

Tender Security - GHS 5,500.00

Lot 7 Monthly Returns on Surgical Operations - 50,000

Tender Security - GHS26,500.00

Approval Auth:
Entity Tender Committee
Contract Date:
28th January, 2019
Completion Date:
25th September, 2019
Contract Currency:
Ghana Cedi
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