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Awarding Agency:
National Board for Small Scale Industries
Tender Package No:
Tender Type:
Contract Type:
Open Tender
Lot #:
Tender Description:
Procurement Of Desktop Computers & Accessories, Laptops, Tablets Computers And Photocopiers

The Government of the Republic of Ghana has received a loan from the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) in various currencies towards the cost of the Rural Enterprises Programme (REP) and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this loan to payments under the contract for the Procurement of Desktop Computers & Accessories, Laptops, Tablets Computers and Photocopiers for the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI).

The Project Coordination and Management Unit (PCMU) in collaboration with NBSSI now invites sealed tenders from eligible Tenderers for the supply of the following items:

Lot 1
i. Desktop Computers and Accessories 30pcs
ii Laser Jet Printers (Duplex) 10pcs
iii Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with built in AVR 30pcs
Tender Security - GH¢9,400.00

Lot 2
Laptop Computers 38pcs
Tender Security - GH¢8,800.00

Lot 3
Multipurpose Photocopier Machines (Heavy Duty Size) 25pcs
Tender Security - GH¢6,000.00

Lot 4
i Workstations (4-in- 1) 3 Sets
ii Executive Swivel Chairs 12 Pcs
iii Lockable Shelves 6 Pcs
Tender Security - GH¢1,000.00

Lot 5
Tablets Computers 40 Pcs
Tender Security - GH¢1,920.00

Lot 6
i Multipurpose Combinder Machines 12 Pcs
ii Laminator Machines 12 Pcs
iii Digital Cameras (Heavy Duty) 10 Pcs
iv LCD Projectors, Stand, Screen and Accessories 12 Sets
Tender Security - GH¢4,000.00

Approval Auth:
Entity Tender Committee
Contract Date:
11th September, 2019
Delivery / Completion Date:
30th December, 2019
Contract Currency:
Ghana Cedi
Contract Award Price:

Contract Awarded To:
IPMC Limited
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Company Address:
P. O. Box AN7617, Accra North
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