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Awarding Agency:
Ghana Grid Co. Ltd. (GRIDCO)
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Contract Type:
Open Tender
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Tender Description:
The work comprises of the following:

- Demolition of existing foundations for Potential Transformer, Capacitive Voltage Transformer, light post.
- Geotechnical testing, and soil resistivity measurements for the extending contracts
- Civil works comprising but not limited to site surveys, site clearing works, embankment construction, boundary works, drainage, stone pitching, yard surfacing and fencing for the 161kV GRIDCo Sogakope Substation Extension
- Electromechanical works comprising but not limited to substation earthing etc.
- Construction of cable trenches
- Construction of 1 No. foundation pad for a 15MVA Power Transformers
- Construction of equipment foundations for balance comprising but not limited to Circuit Breakers, Disconnects, Current Transformers, Surge Arresters, etc.
- Extension of Existing 161kV GRIDCo Sogakope Control Building
- Minor civil design works

Approval Auth:
Entity Tender Committee
Contract Date:
18th August, 2020
Delivery / Completion Date:
18th February, 2021
Contract Currency:
Ghana Cedi
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