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Review Of Existing Aviation Policy And Development Of A National Aviation Master Plan
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02nd July, 2019
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30th July, 2019
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Consultancy Services

The Ministry of Aviation of the Republic of Ghana intends to apply part of its budgetary allocation to payments under a contract for Consultancy for Review of Existing Aviation Policy and Development of a National Aviation Master Plan.

The main objective for the review of the existing aviation policy and development of a national aviation master plan is to define an aviation development framework based on the macro-economic environment consisting of broad conditions that exist in the economy as a whole, as well as in this particular sector. It is specifically to strengthen the options for aviation supply with regards to air transport system capacity development for operations and management; Long-Term Sustainability of Aviation Infrastructure; Aircraft Operations and Regulatory System; Airspace Protection; Modernization of Airports etc.

The specific objectives are to:

a. Define policy objectives on relevant aviation policy issues supported with high-level strategic set outs consistent with national policies.

b. Identify the key socio economic factors that generate aviation demands and the value of aviation industry to Ghana’s economic growth.

c. Examine the General Aviation (GA) industry in Ghana, provide a comprehensive sector overview, determine areas of growth and decline and establish opportunities for the aviation industry to respond to the demands of the country’s socio economic agenda.

d. Recommend strategies and plans for upgrading the industry to match current and future socio economic demands.

The general scope of services will cover the principal civil aviation components of air transport, airspace, civil aviation administration and airports by:

i. Defining policy and strategic measures for a vibrant aviation sector aligned with Ghana’s development agenda through effective aviation support to international trade, tourism and passenger traffic with assured safety and security, affordability and good quality of service.

ii. Ensure a harmonised growth of various aviation sub- sectors, i.e. Airlines, Airports, Cargo, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul services (MRO), General Aviation, Aerospace Manufacturing, Skill Development etc. in line with current practices.

iii. To ensure competitive and liberalized aviation sector, well regulated to serve national interest as well as achieve international standards through the development and maintenance of a viable network of business in general aviation for Ghana.

iv. To adopt and ensure transparent simplified but effective and efficient industrial systems and processes with greater use of cost effective technology without compromising on safety and security.

v. Ensure that the aviation sector makes a significant and cost-effective contribution towards reducing global emissions.

vi. Reviewing existing policies sources of data and proposals to prepare a comprehensive aviation master plan for the Ghana.

vii. Incorporating a review of sectoral policies to ensure that they promote efficiency and enhance services over the long term, address social issues, economic issues and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

viii. Determining a consistent basis for estimating future aviation demand on which the scope and priority of projects can be projected. The study will involve both a quantitative analysis of available statistical data as well as a qualitative analysis of information provided by industry and Government agency participants, and other relevant sources. This information will include consultation with key industry participants.

ix. Developing related financial plan.

x. Developing an implementation arrangement to ensure that the tasks and activities defined are accomplished satisfactorily and in a timely and cost-effective manner, and that skills development and transfer occur.
The Ministry of Aviation now invites eligible firms to express their interest in providing the services. Interested firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services.

The criteria for selection/shortlisting of eligible consultants shall be based on (a) Evidence of firm’s experience and track record in similar assignments, (b) technical capability and expertise of the firm’s key professionals and (c) Profile of firm’s management of organizational capacity in responding to this request for Expression of Interest.

Additional requirement for local firms or its equivalent in the case of foreign firms include:
a. Letter of interest
b. Business Registration / Incorporation and Commencement Certificates.
c. Valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
d. Valid SSNIT Clearance Certificate.
e. Valid Public Procurement Authority Certificate
Source of Funds:
GOG Consolidated Fund
Greater Accra
Accra Metropolitan District

Contact Person:
The Ag. Chief Director Ministry of Aviation NCA Tower, 3rd Floor, P. O. Box KA 9180, Airport City Accra-Ghana
Email :
Tel :
0302774995 / 0241484413
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