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Eoi Name:
Development of A Geographic Information System (GIS)
Pack #:
FY 11-641-0008-007ba
Post Date:
30th March, 2012
Submit Date:
16th April, 2012
Tender Cat:
Consultancy Services

Health Assistant Training School- Yendi
Data Management and Communication Strengthened Activity is to develop a GIS at the Ministry of Education.
By the end of the contract period, the following must be achieved;
1. Equipment and Software procurement and installation
2. Training for 4 Trainer of Trainers - use of software and mapping
3. Management of GIS platform and continuous improvements

GIS Software for processing and creating maps in layers. Base map layers;
1. Districts boundaries
2. Regional & Districts Capitals
3. Road Network
4. Town and Villages
5. Water Bodies
Source of Funds:
Internally Generated Funds
Greater Accra
Accra Metropolitan District

Contact Person:
The Director-General, GES, P. O. Box M45, Accra
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