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Environmentally Sound Recycling and Disposal of Electronic Waste
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01st August, 2017
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25th August, 2017
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Consultancy Services
Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Ghana Project Measures: The increasing use of the electric and electronic devices presents a massive challenge since, after use, these devices turn into toxic electric and electronic waste (e-waste). The Ghanaian-German Financial Cooperation is supporting Ghanaian partners to set up an incentive mechanism for sound recycling of e-waste as well as the construction and operation of a so called “Handover Center” (HOC) serving as the logistical basis for acceptance and storage of the purchased e-wastes. The implementation of the project will be supported by an international consultant (the Consultant) whose procurement is the subject of this tender. Requested Services: The Consultant’s main tasks comprise: 1. Support the project management in such areas as day to day programme implementation, manual of procedures, operational and financial planning and monitoring, reporting etc. 2. Assist in the set-up and operation of the Handover Center (HOC) 3. Propose, test, revise and apply procedures for the purchasing of r-waste fractions, and for the tendering of accumulated e-waste fractions 4. Identify and assess options for financing the measures 5. Conduct market surveys and monitor implementation of the environmental and social management plan

Ministry of Environment Science and Technology
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Greater Accra
Accra Metropolitan District

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