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Consultancy Services For Development Of A Strategic Plan For The Bono East Region
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07th June, 2021
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11th June, 2021
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Consultancy Services

Bono East Regional Coordinating Council
The Bono East Region came into existence by Constitutional Instrument (CI) 113 in 2019 with Techiman as the Regional Capital. The Region which was carved out of the erstwhile Brong Ahafo Region has eleven (11) Assemblies under its jurisdiction: four (4) Municipal and seven (7) District Assemblies. The Bono East Regional Coordinating Council (BERCC), being the apex body of the seat of government in the Region, recognizes that, to effectively deliver on its mandate, it will need to set the right goals and determine appropriate strategies that provide a clear roadmap for achieving its vision. It is in this regard that the BERCC intends to engage the services of a consulting firm to develop a five-year strategic plan for the Bono East Region.

The main objective of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive and time-bound (five-year) strategy for the Bono East Region. The plan will have pre-set related indicators to monitor activities, an effective internal evaluation mechanism and a sustainable fundraising strategy.

The work to be undertaken involves the following activities:
i. Review the Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives and Core Values of the Bono-East Region.
ii. Develop medium term strategies, key performance indicators, work plan, timelines against the region’s strategic objectives.
iii. Conduct a review of the legal frameworks and mandate of the Bono East Region and other pertinent public sector documents to develop a five-year strategic plan that is SMART and serves as a roadmap for the execution of Region’s mandate.
iv. Consult with various stakeholders such as local government services, MMDAs and key stakeholders of the Region.
v. Outline strategies for resource mobilization and fundraising from public and private partners as well as development partners.

The assignment is expected to be conducted over a minimum of six weeks, starting on the effective date of the contract.

The Consultant(s) shall have:
• At least a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Strategic
Management, Organizational Development, Leadership and Governance or related areas;
• At least 5 years post qualification experience
• Practical experience in strategy development, organizational development, project management, corporate governance
Interested firms must provide information indicating their suitability for the project.
The information must be in the form below:
• Company Profile (years of operation, type of legal structure, employee size & expertise area, location, business specialisation, management structure, key functionaries and their qualification etc.).
• Business registration certificates
• Tax clearance certificate
• SSNIT clearance certificate
• PPA registration certificate
• Clear understanding of the assignment
• Profiles and evidence of similar assignments undertaken
• Appropriate skills and qualifications among the Project Team.

Consulting firms will be selected in accordance with the procedure for consultant selection as set out in the Consultancy Guidelines of the Public Procurement Act 2003 (ACT 663) as amended.
Source of Funds:
GOG Consolidated Fund
Techiman Municipal

Contact Person:
The Regional Coordinating Director, Bono East Regional Coordinating Council Techiman, Bono East Region
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