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15th February, 2024
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01st March, 2024
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Consultancy Services

Ministry of Food and Agriculture
The Government of Ghana has been granted a $200 million IDA-World Bank Credit Facility for the implementation of a six-year project titled "Tree Crop Diversification Project. The Development Objective (PDO) of the project is to improve economic, climate, and social resilience in selected tree crop value chains in Ghana, i.e., Cocoa, Coconut, Cashew and Rubber. These objectives are to be achieved through three interrelated technical components, all of which support the soft and hard solutions to promoting the tree crops sector development. The components are (i) Institutional Strengthening and Value Chain Governance; (ii) Improving Tree Crops Productivity and Climate Resilience; and (iii) Support for Post-Harvest Management, Value Addition, and Market Access. The fourth project component focuses on project management and monitoring. The project is to be implemented by Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) with focus on cocoa and the Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA) with focus on coconut, cashew, and rubber.
The objective of the assignment is to recruit an individual Social Development Specialist to work with Project Coordination Unit of Ghana Tree Crop Diversification Project (GTCDP) to lead the implementation, monitoring, and reporting of social safeguards implementation and ensuring general due diligence including that all project interventions are carried out in accordance with the prepared and disclosed Environmental and Social Safeguard Instruments.
The Social Development Specialist (SDS) is responsible for leading the implementation, monitoring, and reporting of social safeguards implementation ensuring general due diligence including that all project interventions are carried out in accordance with the prepared and disclosed Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF), Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) and Labor Management Plan (LMP). The Specialist will work closely with the Environmental Specialist, Gender Specialist and other staff of the TCDA-PCU, COCOBOD PIU, and partner MDAs including, but not limited to the MELR, MOGCSP, OHLGS and MLGDRD to achieve the project's objectives. The scope encompasses all social safeguards and oversight responsibilities including the coordination of the GTCDP's child labor subcomponent's implementation. The SDS's primary responsibilities and duties are as follows:
• Develop procedures and work flows to ensure effective implementation of social and environmental risk mitigation measures (safeguards) under the GTCDP in line with the ESMF, ESCP, SEP, LMP and the RPF, laws of Ghana, and the social development measures in the project implementation manual (PIM) and make arrangements for their effective implementation at all levels of the project.
• Ensure that measures to promote social inclusion, equity of benefits, community participation, feedback mechanisms, etc., as outlined in the Project Appraisal Document (PAD) and detailed in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM), are developed and implemented.

a. Conduct screening of all subprojects to be funded under the GTCDP including matching grants, and partnerships arrangements to identify potential social risks and impacts for mitigation.
b. Take the lead in identifying necessary social studies, preparation of social mitigation instruments and implementation of relevant design measures including gender inclusion, benefit sharing, and other social development issues.
c. Review all social studies, instruments and design measures prepared for all matching grants, and partnership arrangements, including Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) and Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs).
d. The Social Development Specialist will work in collaboration with the Environmental Safeguard Specialist (ESS) and the Gender Specialist and other key Specialists in the TCDA and COCOBOD. g.
e. Liaise with the Project Coordinator and World Bank team to ensure that prepared safeguards instruments (ESIAs, ESMPs, ARAPs and RAPs) are submitted to, and approved by, the World Bank prior to the start of project activities.
f. Provide technical advice on the elements of the project related to institutional strengthening including development of the land facilitation mechanism, the framework and tools for negotiation and benefit sharing.
g. Lead the implementation of community engagement processes as detailed in the SEP and PIM and, where necessary, promote efforts at adaptive management of project implementation based on community consultations.
h. Establish a consultation mechanism with all relevant parties, including community members, traditional authorities, and civil society. Develop standard guidelines for conducting and documenting consultations, as well as strategies for engaging stakeholders across multiple platforms. Work closely with the Communications Specialist to develop and implement outreach initiatives for civil society groups.
i. Implement the grievance redress mechanism (GRM) outlined in the SEP and PIM and assume overall responsibility for the mechanism, including performance monitoring and identifying trends in the nature of grievances, grievance reporting in gender disaggregated format, and institutional responses and resolution of grievances.
j. Provide guidance and, if necessary, identify and propose capacity building to relevant staff and partners on the ground receiving and/or responding to grievances.
k. Coordinate the implementation of the Child Labour subcomponent of the TCDP.
l. Ensure a child right lens in the GRM structure and processes following guidance provided in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM).
m. Ensure that social safeguards due diligence measures and requirements are included in the procurement documents and integrated in the contractors’ management procedures of all subproject’s implementation.
n. In collaboration with the Environmental Specialist, develop Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) compliance monitoring templates and monitor and ensure contractor’s compliance with Environmental and Social Standard (ESS) requirements throughout the project life;
o. Monitor the implementation of project activities to ensure social safeguards, due diligence and compliance with the project social safeguards requirements. The SDS shall also be a member of the Project M&E team.
p. Report to the GTCDP management and Project Steering Committee on any issues identified during project implementation, including the provisions of the ESMF, RPF, and PIM, and provide recommendations on how they could be resolved. Ensure that incidents/accidents are reported to the World Bank in line with requirements in the ESCP.
q. The Social Development Specialist will report to the Project Coordinator of the TCDA-PCU located within the Ghana Tree Crops Development Authority (GTCDA) in Accra.
r. She/he will coordinate the implementation of the Child Labour subcomponent of the project.
s. She/he will coordinate with the Gender Specialist to ensure gender and disability inclusion in sub-project implementation and the inclusion of other vulnerable groups.

The following qualifications are required:
• At least a Bachelor’s degree in sociology, anthropology, political science, or a related field.
• A minimum of 10 years’ experience in social development work.
• Strong track record of undertaking social risk management in development projects.
• Extensive knowledge of Ghana’s social legislations and institutions especially in regard to land tenure, natural resource management, child labor, social inclusion, and gender and their roles in governance at the central, regional, districts and community levels.
• Demonstrated knowledge of World Bank safeguard policies/Environmental and Social Framework and conversant with Ghana’s environmental regulations and procedures.
• Practical experience working on community development methodologies such as participatory planning, land use mapping, and consultation.
• Fair knowledge and understanding of Ghanaian environmental administrative framework and policies.
• In-depth knowledge of gender inclusion practice (access to natural resources, voice, representation, participation, etc.) especially as it relates to the Ghanaian rural and cultural context.
• Ability to provide guidance on negotiation and conflict resolution processes and grievance redress mechanisms.
• Significant experience working in Ghana.
• Excellent interpersonal and team building skills.
• Fluency in spoken and written English. Ability to present clear, concise, accurate and structured reports.
• Proficiency in the usage of computers and office software packages (word processing, spreadsheet etc.) and experience in handling of web-based data and information management systems;
• Ability to prepare and deliver coherent presentations to a range of different audiences including community-based organizations.

Remuneration: Competitive Salary
Job Location: Accra
Job Duration: Expected duration of the assignment is 12 months. The contract will be renewed based on satisfactory performance. The services will be provided on a full-time basis.

6. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture through TCDA invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest to provide the service. Interested Consultants should provide information through a Curriculum Vitae (CV) demonstrating that, they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the service.
7. Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours i.e. 0900 to 1700 hours.
8. Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by e-mail) by 15:00 GMT, 1st March, 2024
Source of Funds:
World Bank
Greater Accra
Accra Metropolitan District

Contact Person:
The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the Ghana Tree Crop Diversification Project (GTCDP) Ministry of Food and Agriculture P. O. Box M37 Regional Office, Kumasi
Email :
Tel :
054 011 6738/ 024 600 9505
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