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Selection Of A National Project Coordinator For The Project Coordinating Unit
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01st March, 2024
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08th March, 2024
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Consultancy Services

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

The Government of Ghana approved the Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small-Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP) to strengthen integrated natural resource management and increase benefits to communities in targeted savannah and cocoa forest landscapes. The project’s core interventions focus on (a) land-use planning for integrated landscape management to optimize land use, (b) formalization of ASM for sustainable mining, (c) restoration of degraded lands for agricultural productivity, and (d) strengthening of sustainable management of forest landscapes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. To enhance integrated management, the project aims to place landscape and mining sector management on a trajectory that would transition from degraded landscapes, poverty, and low productivity toward one with high productivity and resilient landscapes, livelihoods, and high economic returns.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources intends to recruit a National Project Coordinator to lead the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) under Component 4 of the GLRSSMP (Project management and implementation). See Annex A for the full complement of the project team.

Under the overall guidance of the Technical Director (Mines) of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the National Project Coordinator will be responsible for the overall coordination and day-to-day management of the Project and will head the Project Coordinating Unit established for the purposes of the GLRSSMP.

The National Project Coordinator will be the main link between the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Implementation Agencies, Funding Partners and other relevant Ministries and Agencies. Specifically, the National Project Coordinator’s functions will include, but are not limited to, the following:
• provide overall oversight and guidance on the GLRSSMP implementation at both the Ministry and Implementing Agencies to ensure the successful and effective attainment of goals and objectives set under the Project;
• ensure that the Implementing Agencies abide by the tenets of the World Bank’s Project Appraisal Document and any other Documents relevant to meeting other mutually agreed Funding Partners (Donors) project objectives;
• advise the Minister, through the Technical Director (Mines), on all matters relating to the Project;
• liaise with Funding Partners, the Parliamentary Select Committees on Mines, Land and Forestry, the Chamber of Mines, the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners, the Customary Land Authorities and Civil Society Organizations on matters relating to the project;
• act as Secretary to the highest level of authority, the National Steering Committee and coordinate meetings of the project;
• prepare consolidated results-based narrative and financial periodic progress reports for project management and to relevant bodies, in accordance with approved reporting formats and timing;
• have overall responsibility for all project staff within the Project Coordinating Unit and ensure that all such staff (i.e. mining, environmental management, procurement, financial management, social protection and gender, communication and public outreach, monitoring and evaluation and any other staff appointed to the unit) perform their functions effectively;
• lead the preparation of Annual Work Plans and Procurement Plans for the various activities of the project;
• coordinate the implementation of Work Plans by Implementing Agencies;
• in collaboration with Implementing Agencies, identify, recruit and monitor the performance of consultancies to be undertaken;
• provide leadership and guidance in establishing and implementing the planning, organizing and control of project operations;
• ensure the development and maintenance of Management Information Systems (MIS) to track the Project’s progress and performance and the effectiveness of implementation assistance provided by IAs and Consultants;
• review and advise on work plans and cash flow projections;
• ensure that all assets of the Project are managed efficiently in all areas of the Unit’s operations and are used solely for the purpose for which they were procured;
• prepare semi-annual progress report to the National Steering Committee;
• facilitate and ensure the timely procurement and delivery of various inputs and technical equipment in collaboration with the Procurement Specialist and Implementation Agencies in accordance with GoG/Funding Partners guidelines; and
• any other functions assigned by the Technical Director (Mines).


The National Project Co-coordinator must have a minimum qualification of:
a. post-graduate degree in Finance, Administration and Project Management or comparable relevant professional qualification;
b. at least Ten (10) years post-graduate working experience, of which five (5) years must be in public policy and related management position;
c. good knowledge of information systems, preferably Geographic Information Systems;
d. Be able to analyse, plan, design, implement, and monitor a system to augment internal controls in line with best practices in the process of payments and expenditure management.
e. good analytical, writing, communication and interpersonal skills;
f. conversant with the mining and mineral policy of Ghana;
g. must have a good track record of performance and achievements;
h. substantial work experience in advising senior management on budget implementation and risk assessment, problem-solving and decision-making in project management;
i. must be a member of recognized professional body(ies), with proficiency in Project Management being an advantage.

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant Selection method set out in the Ghana Public Procurement Act, 2003, Amendment Act, 2016 (ACT 914).
Source of Funds:
World Bank
Greater Accra
Accra Metropolitan District

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The Chief Director Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small-Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP) Mezzanine Floor, Diamond House Accra-Ghana
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