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Tender Name:
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Package No:
STU/NCT/ FWA/GDS/2024/004
Post Date:
19th March, 2024
Closing Date:
15th April, 2024
Ghana Cedi
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Tender Description:
Additional Information:
1. The Sunyani Technical University intends to apply part of its Internally Generated Fund (IGF) to fund eligible payments under Call-off Contracts that may be awarded under the Framework Agreements (FWAs) concluded through this IFT Primary Procurement process for the Procurement of Stationery, Toners, Drugs, Cleaning Materials and Library books.

2. The Sunyani Technical University is undertaking the Primary Procurement with a view to concluding Framework Agreements. The Sunyani Technical University is the sole Entity under the Framework Agreement[s].

3. The Sunyani Technical University now invites sealed Tenders from eligible Tenderers for the Procurement of Stationery, Toners, Drugs, Cleaning Materials and Library books over the Term of the Framework Agreement(s).

4. The Framework Agreement to be concluded will be “Single-User.” “The Single-User entitled to procure under the Framework Agreement is Sunyani Technical University.

5. The selection of an FWA Supplier to be awarded a Call-off Contract will be done through a Single Supplier FWA process as defined in the Framework Agreement. However, the conclusion of a Framework Agreement shall not impose any obligation on the Procurement Entity to procure Goods under a Call-off Contract. The conclusion of a Framework Agreement does not guarantee that an FWA Supplier will be awarded a Call-off Contract. Tendering will be conducted through the National Competitive Tendering (NCT) procedures specified in the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) as amended.

6. Tenderers may submit Tenders for one or more “lots”.

7. The Framework Agreement(s) shall be concluded for a Term of One (1) year from the commencement date stated in the Framework Agreement.

8. The Primary Procurement shall establish a Closed Framework Agreement(s). This means no new firm (s) may conclude Framework Agreement during the Term of Framework Agreement

9. Interested eligible Tenderers may obtain further information from The Procurement unit, First Floor, Stores Block, Sunyani Technical University, Sunyani and inspect the Tender document during office hours from. 8:30am to 4:00pm.

10. A complete set of Tender documents in English may be purchased by interested Tenderers to the address below and upon the payment of a non-refundable fee of Four Hundred Ghana Cedis, (GHC 400.00) for the tender document. The document will be obtained personally.

11. Completed Tender document must be deposited into the Tender box located at the Council Chamber, Ground Floor of Main Administration Block, Sunyani Technical University on or before 10:00 hours GMT, Monday 15th April, 2024.

12. Tenders shall be valid for a period of 366 days after the deadline of Tender submission. All Tenders must be accompanied by a completed tender securing declaration. Late Tenders will be rejected.

13. Tenders will be opened in the presence of the Tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend the meeting at the Council Chamber of the Sunyani Technical University at 10:00 hours GMT on Monday 15th April, 2024.

14. Notwithstanding the general requirements stated in the Tender Documents, the underlisted statutory documents are expressly demanded:

• Valid GRA Tax Clearance Certificate.
• Valid SSNIT Clearance Certificate.
• Valid VAT Registration Certificate.
• Valid Business Registration Certificate (with evidence of up-to-date annual renewal receipt)
• Valid Registration Certificate from Public Procurement Authority (PPA).
• Pharmacy Council License Certificate( for Drugs)
• Completed Tender Securing Declaration.
• Food and Drugs Authority Certificate (Lot 3 only)
Source of Funds:
Internally Generated Funds
No. of Lots:

Sunyani Technical university
Sunyani Municipal
Contact Person:
The Procurement Officer, Sunyani Technical University Post Office Box 206, Sunyani