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National Petroleum Authority
The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) intends to apply part of its Internally Generated Funds (IGF) towards eligible payments under the Contract for the Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of National ...
Published - 20th February, 2020 Deadline : 20th March, 2020
Cocoa Marketing Company (Ghana) Limited
1. Cocoa Marketing Company (Gh.) Limited (CMC) intends to procure various items to support its operations during the 2019/2020 financial year (October 2019 to September 2020). The procurement of these items will be done ...
Published - 14th February, 2020 Deadline : 03rd March, 2020
Ministry of Education
The Government of Ghana acting through the Ministry of Education intends to apply part of its budgetary allocations to cover eligible payments under contracts for the Supply and Distribution of ...
Published - 16th July, 2019 Deadline : 31st July, 2019
Sunyani Polytechnic
 The Sunyani Technical University (STU) is one of the autonomous Universities under the Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922). The University intends to apply part of its budgetary allocation from its ...
Published - 25th June, 2019 Deadline : 01st August, 2019
Electoral Commission
Supply and Installation of a Biometric Voter Management System
Published - 16th April, 2019 Deadline : 30th April, 2019
Ghana Revenue Authority
The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) intends to apply part of its Budgetary allocation to fund the cost of the “Development, Installation and Maintenance of the Fiscal Electronic ...
Published - 21st May, 2018 Deadline : 21st June, 2018
Bui Power Authority
A. The Bui Power Authority intends to apply part of its Internally Generated Funds (IGF) to fund eligible payments under a framework agreement for the Supply of Specialised Plant and ...
Published - 06th April, 2018 Deadline : 04th May, 2018
Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health has received funds from the Government towards the cost of supporting the nationwide stations of the National Ambulance Service in its readiness for emergency programmes. 2. The ...
Published - 19th October, 2017 Deadline : 07th November, 2017
Ministry of Environment Science and Technology
Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Ghana Project Measures: The increasing use of the electric and electronic devices presents a massive challenge since, after use, these devices turn ...
Published - 01st August, 2017 Deadline : 25th August, 2017
Mathias Catholic Hospital
Supply, Installation, Configuration, Integration And Development Of Asset Tagging And Tracking Solution For Bank Of Ghana. The Bank of Ghana (hereinafter referred to as the “Bankâ€...
Published - 25th April, 2017 Deadline : 22nd May, 2017